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This is our fourth year and we have gone through many changes. We first started out to breed labradoodles and we had a couple of litters of f1’s and a couple of litters of f1b’s. We also had the idea at the time to breed Shepadoodles, not to be confused with Sheepadoodles. We wanted to breed more of a watchdog personality. We had one litter of two puppies and I loved those babies so much. Since there were only two we kept them inside with us all of the time. Mondo became Mox and has stayed in touch and also came back to get a baby sister, a labradoodle named Zo. I have received pictures of the other baby and a few messages but his name escapes me now.

Then the family that I got my poodle puppy Valentino from was going through a transitioning stage and really wanted us to take Valentino’s parents, Diesel Anando and Josie Bella so that put us in the poodle business. We found wonderful homes for the dogs we started with: Willow Rainne, Sunshine, Adonis, Meeka and Ava. Making sure each one went to families and homes that were perfect for them. Being an in-home licensed breeder makes it very easy for me to rehome our babes because they are potty trained and live in the house like all dogs should. 

As Valentino got older he challenged his father and he was quite a bit bigger too. They had a horrible fight one night so we found a wonderful home for Anando because he was older and on the losing end of the fight. He was always a grump with the puppies too while Valentino takes great care of them. Anyway Anando is with a great family in Iowa City who had two other poodles and they have them as therapy dogs and take them into hospitals, nursing homes and even colleges to relax students taking finals. With him gone we were no longer breeding poodles since our poodle puppy is Josie’s son. We were  lucky finding Josie a home. She is a few miles away and living with one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. They love her so much and spoil her. We have gone to visit her several times and are always welcome.


We kept an f1b puppy from Raven's and Valentino’s last litter because he was the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen in my life. LoL  His name is Rocco Baltazar and we were going to breed him to our f1 girls that are not his momma or auntie for multigens. I recently found out that I had been misinformed and their puppies would actually be f2’s, second generation. The only reason I would breed f2’s would be if I was going to keep going until you get to f4’s which are the first level of multigens. We are a very small operation and want to keep all of the babes we have now . We’ll be old people with geriatric dogs one day but the house will be filled with a lot of love. So upon learning this we let him go to friends of ours that would breed him and take wonderful care of him like we do.


Valentino is apricot but parti factored because his dad is a parti so that means our sires can have any color puppies including parti. Valentino came from the poodles we previously had named Diesel Anando (Nando Bear) and JosieBella. Nando is a blue and white parti and Josie is apricot. We bought these two from a very good friend we have known for years. Nando is now a therapy dog in Iowa City and Josie lives a few miles away with a wonderful family.

Paloma Sol (LoLo) and Raven Haze (RayRay)  are sisters from the very same litter. Their mother is a beautiful yellow lab named Sunshine and their father is a gorgeous black and white AKC Standard Poodle named Doni (Adonis). Their father being a parti makes the girls parti factored, meaning they can have any color puppies including parti puppies. We bred these girls ourselves and we breed these girls to Valentino.

Our girls Princess Zara Reign and Delilah Rose are F1 Labradoodles also sisters from the same litter. We got these two little angels from our friend Lisa Deal in Peoria Illinois. Their mother is a beautiful black lab named Siren and their father is a beautiful black and white parti Standard Poodle who she has used for stud.

These girls are bred with Valentino for F1b Labradoodle puppies.

We also have Coco Lily. She is a silver-beige F1 Labradoodle that we will breed next year. We got her in hopes of having labradoodles with a more manageable, non-shedding coat. She comes from our friend Teresa Irwin in Bethany Missouri. Her mother is a beautiful chocolate lab named Snickers and her dad is a very handsome cream and white parti Standard Poodle named Murray.

We are getting two other girls over the next few months. Halo Grace is already born and she is an F1b Goldendoodle. We will breed her with Valentino for F1bb Goldendoodles. She comes from Teresa in Bethany. We are waiting on our F1b Labradoodle puppy to be born and we will breed her with a friends Standard Poodle named Murray because Valentino is her dad. This babe comes from our friend Lisa in Peoria. We are getting her for the colors in her pedigree. When these two are ready to be bred we will spay Paloma and Raven. :)

Another breeder friend of ours is Laurie Wells out of Houston Texas. She sends her girls up here to make magic with Valentino. She has a five year old Golden Retriever named Lizzie that she is giving her to us to get one last litter from and then rehome. She says that Lizzie has some skin issues down in Houston that she should not have in a cooler climate. So we will do one litter of F1b Goldendoodles with her then look for a forever home for her. We have heard she is an angel. They had such a hard time parting with her but felt it was the best thing for them to do. Please follow Lizzie on our facebook page and let us know if you are interested. We think it will be fall when we will be ready to place her.


We are a family that loves dogs and we want our puppies to have the best lives they possibly can.   Our dogs and puppies are raised in our home and loved and socialized just like our own children from day one.   From the moment they are born until they find a new home, our puppies are being handled, played with and treated with special care and attention every single day.  The vast majority of the time someone is home with them making sure the pups are getting the best care possible.  

Our mission is to bring the highest pet quality F1b Labradoodle puppies into this world so we and our other dogs and our family and friends will love them into the sweetest, most lovable little angels you could hope for! 


We have people wanting our puppies because of our philosophy

on  how puppies should be brought into this world and cared for. 


Our philosophy is that


our dogs are our family.