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Becoming the most sought after Doodles around!

Our dogs and puppies are TRULY HOME-RAISED. 

Affordable Designer Dogs specializes in AKC Standard Poodle, F1b Labradoodle and F1 Shepadoodle puppies. We are State Licensed In-Home Dog Breeders. Our puppies begin life as part of our family. Much better than a puppy mill or uncaring breeder. Plus you are invited to come visit any time.

I DO LOVE ALL THE BABIES.  I want them to start them off knowing love, feeling love and expressing love as well. If they are shy they get special alone time to boost their confidence so they can get in and play with the others.  If one is a runt, they will get fed first.  It seems natural to take care of their needs. People just have to accept I am a little silly.  I am their 'Grammy' and I talk baby talk and get a little crazy playing with them.  Like I say on our website:  'I know you cannot tell much about a pup the day it is born but coming from a situation like ours, HOME-RAISED WITH LOTS OF LOVE, you're not going to go wrong.' 

We encourage you to visit and take pictures and video as your puppy grows. You are welcome to visit any time.  Before you choose a puppy, before you add your name to OUR WAITING LIST, anytime after you have reserved your puppy and even after you have taken your puppy home if you simply want to visit or show a friend what we have going on. 
If you are interested in one of our puppies and can wait until they are here please visit our Announcements, Reservation and Waiting List pages.

Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies! 

~Misti Hightshoe 

Why we LOVE Doodles !

The demand for Doodles continues to grow and become more and more popular each year. The reasons being the 'little-to-no-shedding' qualities of the hair coats, the outgoing personalities of the hybrids, the superior intelligence and easy 'trainability' of the breed.  I believe that the other breeds temperaments are vastly improved with the calm, loving disposition of the Poodle.

I know a lot of people think of Poodles as fluffy, prissy, ribbons and bows type of dogs, with painted toe nails and fancy collars but there is a lot more to a Poodle than a pretty package. 
Poodles are a calm laid back dog who love to be with their families.  They are gentle, very intelligent and awesome athletes.  They excel in obedience, agility, and make wonderful  therapy dogs.  They have what I call a 'turn off switch'.  They can be playing one second and laying at your feet (or more likely on the couch) the next.  They come in all sizes from Toys to Standards.  Lots of colors from Solids to Parti and Brindles.
The Poodles bring their wonderful temperament, their intelligence and also their non-shedding HAIR coat to the Doodle crosses.  This is what endears them to so many new owners.  The trade off is that many of the hybrid crosses do have to be groomed on occasion but the 'low-to-non-shedding'  keeps your home a lot cleaner.   
*Personally I prefer Standard Poodles.  This is why we do not raise 'minis'.  I personally feel that the smaller Poodles are not as calm and obedient as the Standards are.  They are just a little too 'yippy' for me. 

If you have looked for these breeds anywhere else 

you can see that our prices are a lot more affordable.


Nothing is lacking in our puppies. We just know

that you don't have to be rich to love a dog.

Please come 'Like' us on facebook. When we don't have puppies we are lucky that most of our families post pictures and videos of Their doodles.  When waiting on a puppy you will know more if you're connected to us on facebook because I email everyone the evening they are born as well as almost up-to-the-minute reports on facebook.   : )

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If you are looking for a poodle or a doodle puppy less than $1,000 your search is over!!

If you don't want to pay $1,000 or more for your puppy, your search is over!
  Females - $950 Males $900
  F1b Labradoodles 
  Females - $800 Males $750
  F1 Shepadoodles
 Females - $350 Males $300 
We DO NOT SHIP our little babes. EVER.
We absolutely will not ever 'ship' one of our little angels. We would however love to have our puppies go every where that they will be loved and spoiled like they should be. 

There are options available if you cannot pick your babe up in person.

We have Personal Touch Puppy Delivery. Details on on our Puppy Pick-up page.

You may also fly in to pick up your puppy and fly the puppy back with you "in cabin".
Patiently waiting for Georgia to start her heat cycle so we will have F1b Labradoodles soon. The first six of that litter are already RESERVED.
A lot of our puppies are reserved before they are conceived. If you want one of our babes it is very important that you contact us and get your name on a list.
List details can be found in the Our Lists tab that is nested under Puppies & Pricing.

There are so many pictures of our puppies, even the grown ones with their new families, on our facebook page. Come see!